collaborate on audio, get time-based feedback and boost your workflow

Wandler is a new tool to collaborate on and work with audio tracks. Wandler helps you streamline your workflow and get to the final version of your track faster.

Share your audio & music tracks privately in seconds, get or leave time-based comments and offer a convenient way to download your files.

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a file sharing tool designed specifically for working on and with audio

Time-based notes and feedback

No more endless back and forth by email and messy notes all over the place. Get and give timecoded feedback and streamline your workflow.

Use private notes for yourself to remember, what to focus on next.

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Everything in one place

Share a single mixdown, multiple revisions or entire projects. With Wandler you have all deliverables bundled in one place.

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Stay in control of who can access what

Share audio files privately with personalized links or by email.

Decide who can listen, comment or download assets. No account needed to leave feedback.

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We keep your data safe

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. Our servers are located in Europe and all communication is encrypted.

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